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We offer French, mathematics and science sessions individually or in groups of a maximum of 3 students, for adults and students from SK to 12th grade. The sessions are 45 minutes long and will be organized based on the students' academic levels.

Personalized Academic Support and Enrichment


10+ Years of Experience

Confirmed expertise with 10+ years of experience in education, including a deep understanding of the individual needs of students and school programs.

Groupes Professionnels

Guidance from dedicated and qualified professionals, with a focus on ongoing training to ensure quality educational support.

Dedicated Work

We are committed to providing personalized educational support, offering attentive monitoring and tailored methods for each student, aiming to foster continuous improvement and sustainable academic success.

Working on homework and keeping up with class.

To succeed in class and with homework, organize yourself with a dedicated schedule, ask questions to ensure understanding, take clear notes, and use planning tools to stay organized.
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French Grammar Reinforcement

To reinforce French grammar in a fun way, use interactive group activities with interactive whiteboards. Explore interactive games, dynamic quizzes, and collaborative exercises to master the basics while having fun.
French grammar class

Oral Confidence Improvement

To boost self-confidence in oral communication, practice regularly by engaging in conversations, presentations, and public speaking. Gradually expand your comfort zones by discussing topics of interest and seeking feedback to refine your communication skills.
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Essential Mathematical Concepts

Understanding fundamental concepts in mathematics is essential for sustainable mastery. This approach promotes deeper problem-solving and more effective application of mathematical knowledge in various contexts.
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Reinforcement of Advanced Mathematical Skills

Mastery of mathematics, such as functions, calculus, and data management, requires continuous practice to develop skills in solving complex problems and applying them in different contexts.
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Enhancing Reading and Comprehension in French

Developing strong reading skills and a deep understanding in all subjects in French requires regular practice of active reading, the use of comprehension strategies, and exploration of various topics to enhance language proficiency.
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Versatile Adult Training: Diversity, Flexibility, Excellence

This program offers adult-oriented training, providing a variety of courses and schedule flexibility to meet individual needs, ensuring excellent teaching quality.
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Explore the benefits and value you will gain from our courses!

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Personalized Coaching
Access to personalized coaching and high-quality educational resources.
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Academic Improvement
Improvement of academic skills with programs tailored to each level.
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Supportive Atmosphere
Learning environment conducive to building confidence and success.

Discover what other students think!

Anthony has been great to work with. My son is in French Immersion and needed extra help. Anthony was flexible, responded right away and my 13 year old really liked working with him and the other tutors. Thank you
Google Review
Zenobia Homavazir
A small group of my son and his friends did once a week French classes during the summer to keep up their French on the break. My son didn’t want to stop in September! His grace 2 teacher is very impressed with his work at school. Highly recommend.
Wander Home
My daughter really enjoys these sessions and always comes out with a smile on her face. From the waiting room I can hear a lot of positive reinforcement, which is something that is lacking with teachers at school. It is really helping to build her confidence in both French and math.
Cindy Perry
Anthony has been tutoring both of my daughters in math. The girls found Anthony to be exactly the kind of tutor that both greatly helped and motivated them. My daughters have both agreed 'when I'm working with Anthony, the time just disappears' - big words from a teenager!
Kirsten Herd

Fees and Policies

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Registration fees : 39,99$

Semi-Private Sessions

Essential Learning Package

One session per week

Study Buddy Package

Two sessions per week

Mastery Quest Package

Three sessions per week

Private Sessions

Essential Learning Package

One session per week

Study Buddy Package

Two sessions per week

Mastery Quest Package

Three sessions per week

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