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About us

At Ça va bien Toronto?, we create an after-school environment focused on academic support, providing private and semi-private tutoring sessions, a balance between studies and games, and an enriching summer camp focused on improving French skills, all within a safe and engaging setting for students of all levels.

Who are we?

We are the team of Ça va bien Toronto?, dedicated to providing personalized academic support, encouraging interactive learning, and fostering the development of skills in French, mathematics and science. Our commitment is to help each student reach their full potential in a stimulating environment.
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Anthony Infante
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Marlon Cuizon
French & Math Tutor
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Capucine Vivier
French & Math Tutor
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Audrey Jacob
French & Math Tutor
Staff member
Ianja Ramaroson
French, math and physics tutor
Staff member
Mety Assefa
French and math tutor
Staff member
Mélanie Bokata
French and math tutor
Staff member
Charlotte Dumont
Online French and math tutor
Staff member
Abiramie Kamalanathan
Online math, physics and chemistry tutor

Our history

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Our story begins with Anthony Infante, a French immigrant who came to Canada out of passion for aviation. Inspired by his roots, he developed a profound desire to share French culture and language. Tutoring since 2014, he founded 'Ça va bien Toronto?' in Leslieville in 2019, with the aim of promoting proficiency in French and mathematics.
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Our vision

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Our vision is to create a study environment where students of the same academic level can work collaboratively on their assignments, away from all distractions and accompanied by a tutor. In addition to assignments, we will also address all subjects related to mathematics and French through games and challenges.
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Our goal

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Our goal is to relieve the pressure that school can exert on you and your child. By focusing first on your child's needs, we can be the support to get them back on track. Additionally, we can assist your child in keeping up with their homework, allowing you to spend more quality time together as a family.
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Ça va bien Toronto? is the best destination for personalized learning.

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Why choose Ça va bien Toronto?

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Personalized Learning
The students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding before accelerating their learning.
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Trusted Content
Reliable content created by experts: our resources  cover French, mathematics, science, and more, always accessible for learners and tutors.
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Customized learning
Customized learning: students progress at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding before accelerating their learning.